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Wellness Activity Book

Wellness Activity Book


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A Powerful Toolkit for Mental Wellness & Social-Emotional Learning

  • Over 100 engaging activities like quizzes, trackers, and creative exercises help teens explore who they are and their mental wellness.
  • 15 key topics including growth mindset, managing emotions, resilience, self worth, and purpose support positive mental wellness.
  • A variety of activities appeal to different learning styles and interests.
  • A flexible format enables teens to start anytime and progress at their own pace.
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Customer Reviews

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Practical applications

Gabby, Manitoba, age 12
The Magic of the Mental Wellness Activity Book

I started working in my Mental Wellness Activity Book last spring and I had such a hard time putting the book down. I really enjoyed the challenges at the end of each part of the book and also the crafts. They were tons of fun and gave me the opportunity to put my own spin on things and get creative. I thought that the badges at the end of each part of the book were nice since they really gave me a sense of accomplishment. It was also very enjoyable to draw out my emotions, especially in the “Emotions” section. The “gratitude” part of the book was probably one of my favourite sections. I really had fun making my gratitude tree because it really made me realize how fortunate I really am. I had so much fun doing this activity book. Thank you!